Franziska Kessler's professional history in the area of design is manifold. As a former lifestyle professional for magazines she is currently working as an internationally acclaimed design expert, interior designer and gallery owner. 
Yoga is an integral part of her life. It means a completion and reinforcement of one’s bodily and mental abilities. In the combination of modern yoga and creativity she sees an enhanced potential in all that one undertakes.
What began as a rather personal activity soon brought insights that resulted in a professional commitment to yoga. Franziska Kessler (Dharam Nirmal Kaur) now regularly leads Kundalini Yoga classes and workshops.
She is trained by world-renowned Kundalini teachers Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, her husband Gurushabd and others. Like theirs, her teaching is deeply inspired by the technique of Yogi Bhajan.
She also studied with Indian Reiki master Maa Gyaan Suveera, which brought her a master’s degree. 

Franziska Kessler's classes and technique are about yoga and design – and thus an experiment on creativity.
Yoga apparently is about "being" while design entails "making". Yoga basically tries to reach us inside, whereas design directs our energy towards something outside ourselves.
Essentially, Yoga and design follow the same principles of finding a form. While design aims to develop forms that encompass ideas, yoga combines physical exercise with meditation and translates matter into patterns of energy. Franziska Kessler’s teaching is beyond egocentric ambitions and is searching for truth and harmony within a universe of possibilities.


06.30 - 07.50 Kundalini Yoga
Studio Franziska Kessler Zuerich

08.00 - 09.15 Kundalini Meditation
Studio Franziska Kessler Zuerich


Franziska  Kessler offers private Yoga classes and Reiki sessions by appointment in her own studio in Zurich. 
Please get also in contact with her for corporate yoga in offices, institutions and private spaces.

Franziska Kessler is teaching in German and English.